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Ultrasonic cleaner 2L

Codice# MNU300

1 Pcs of each

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The best ultrasonic cleaner for an intensive cleaning 

Back online Mid-July

The MNU 300 insures an effective cleaning of optical components and equipments.


Its assets : 

  • It has a 2 liter capacity tank, cleaning of up to 3 frames simultaneously
  • Its adjustable timer and digital display allow an ease of utilization
  • Its plastic tray reduces considerably the risk of scratching on lenses
  • High frequency waves for in-depth cleaning of delicate optics
  • Stainless steel tank


Potere 160 W
Marca No
Dimensione L 265 x P 230 x H 180 mm
Voltaggio 100 to 240V-50 Hz
Peso 2.2 kg
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